From warehouse Hamburg and around the world
                                                domestic and exotic timbers for Musicalinstruments 

Import, Export & Mail Orders
As your supplier we do our utmost to select, grade and ship in time. Also our reliable network of suppliers is working for that great intention. Everyday we are working on improvements which are growing steadily. Our warehouse at Hamburg is growing also and we can offer special sizes sawn in our own sawmill facilities including high tech vacuum dryer. We would be glad to show you our facilities in Hamburg.

The Tonewood Supply Program
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New Arrival Kenia Cedar (Juniperus procera)

Kenya Cedar Lumber/Dimensions. African Pencil Cedar/Juniper. Arrived in July 2013

Parcel Service
Please note, that we cannot ship any parcel charge free. The charge for shipment (and extra paperwork if any) will be invoiced together with the commodity on Commercial Invoice. Payment in advance is obligatory. For parcel post we use UPS or GERMAN POST. Shipments of heavy or extra long packages are possible by combined shipments. Therefore we have various special international forwarders. All extra charges should be clarified in advance to avoid any misunderstandings.

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