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Quality inspection log by log

If veneer-, semiveneer- or good sawgrade, all logs are inspected personally. That procedure maximize the safety for both sides seller and buyer regarding qualities, fair prices and just in time shipments. The confidence between the participants is highly important and will grow step by step - from inspection to inspection. Our main goal is a long-term relationship with our customers.

Further Services
Inspection & Quality Control Management, Import & Export & Crosstrade Management, full-equipped Logyards in Hamburg, Container Stuffing Facilities and Measurement Control.

Import, export and wholesale
We provide a wide range of marketing opportunities around the world. Several special departments for various jobs are working close together to meet all customers requirements. Good quality, prompt shipment and further helpful services, all that points are obligatory for us. Small, mixed or full container shipments are welcome.

Domestic, exotic of fancy species
A wide range of domestic and lots of exotic species, you will find in our supply program. The burly, stripy, pommelé, frisee, fiddleback/flamed or other special textures are a speciality of our log department.



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Hardwood Logs - on request
Roundlogs, Veneer-, Semiveneer- and Saw Grade, personally inspected worldwide,
subject prior sales, certain species are available in season only, for example:





Botanical Name










- Euro Sycamore

Acer pseudoplatanus


North/West Europe


- Euro Fiddleback Sycamore

Acer pseudoplatanus


North/West Europe


- American Hardmaple

Acer saccharum


North East America



Afrormosia (Assamela, Kokrodua)

Pericopsis elata


West/Central Africa



Afzelia (Doussié)

Afzelia bipindensis


West/Central Africa



Akazie (Robinie)

Robinia pseudoacacia


North/West Europe

  Amazaque (Ovengkol) Guibourtia ehie     West/Central Africa
  Anegre Aningeria robusta     West/Central Africa
    Apple-tree Malus spp.     North/West Europe
  Beli (Awoura / ähnlich Zebrano) Paraberlinia bifoliolata     West/Central Africa
    Pearwood Pyrus spp.     North/West Europe
  Birch Burl
Betula spp.     North/East Europe
    Boire Detarium macrocarpum     West/Central Africa
Guarea cedrata     West/Central Africa
  Bubinga standard Guibourtia demeusei     West/Central Africa
  - Bubinga pommelé
Guibourtia demeusei     West/Central Africa
  Beech, Euro

Chakte-Kok/Redheart Sickingia salvadorensis Central America
Dalbergia retusa     Central America
  Douka (Makoré) Tieghemella heckelii     West/Central Africa
  Ebony, Central African
Diospyros crassiflora

    Central Africa
  - Euro Oak Quercus spp.     North/West Europe
  - Euro Red Oak Quercus rubra     North/West Europe
    - American White Oak Quercus alba     North America
  - Moorlands Oak
Quercus spp.     North/West Europe
     Service Tree        
    Alder, Euro Alnus glutinosa     North/West Europe
    - American White Ash Fraxinus americana     North America
    - Euro Ash
Fraxinus excelsior     North/West Europe
    Hornbeam Carpinus betulus     North/West Europe
    Iroko (Kambala) Milicia excelsa     West/Central Africa
    Chestnut Castanea satvia     North/West Europe
  - Euro Cherry Prunus avium     North/West Europe
    - American Black Cherry Prunus serotina     North/East America
Tilia platyphyllos     North/West Europe
    Macoré Tiegemella hechelii     West/Central Africa
    Mahogany and similar species        
  - Khaya Khaya ivorensis     West/Central Africa
  - Sapelé
Entadophragma cylindricum     West/Central Africa
    - Sapelé pommelé Entadophragma cylindricum     West/Central Africa
  Moabi Baillonelle toxisperma     West/Central Africa
  Movingui Distemonathus benthamianus     West/Central Africa
    - Euro Walnut Juglans regia     North/West Europe
  - American Black Walnut
Juglans nigra     North East America
    Oliv Olea europea     South Europe
    Ovengkol (Amazaque)
Guibourtia ehie     West/Central Africa
  Osage Orange
Maclura pomifera     North America
  Pao Rosa
Swartzia fistuloides     East Africa
  Padouk, African
Pterocarpus soyauxii     West/Central Africa
    Rosewood (on request)        
    - Ziricote Cordia dodecandra     Central America
    - Cocobolo Dalbergia retusa     Central America
    - Bocote Cordia elaeagnoides     Central America
    Platanus/Lacewood Platanus spp.     North/West Europe
  Lignum Vitae Ocatgonals Guaiacum coulteri     Central America
- Euro Elm Ulmus spp. North/West Europe
    - American Red Elm Ulmus spp.     North East America
  Ceylon Satin Veneer Flitches
Choloroxylon swietenia     South Asia
    Snakewood/Letterwood Logs/Half-Logs
Piratinera guianensis      South America 
  Teak Tectona grandis     South East Asia
Haematoxylon brasiletto      Central America
    Tineo (Indian Apple) Weinmannia trichosperma     South America
Millettia laurentii     West/Central Africa
  Zebrawood, Zingana Microberlinia brazzavillensis     West/Central Africa
    Cedar (aromatic species)        
    - Libanon Cedar Cedrus libani     West Europe
Cordia dodecandra     Central America
Prunus domestica     North/West Europe

Price, trade term etc.


  • Prices on request.
  • EU-companies must state the VAT-Number before order (for Intrastat).
  • We deliver FCA Hamburg-Harburg, Germany (Free carrier D-21079 Hamburg-Harburg).
  • Expenses/charges for shipment, packing, special certificates, customs clearance etc. to be paid by consignee.
  • All offers subject to change without notice.
  • Errors excepted.



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