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          Lignum vitae (Guaiacum coulteri/sanctum) available ex warehouse Hamburg  

Lignum Vitae for bears/bushs
The great hardness, durability under water and the proportion of oil saving smearing (due to the self-lubricating Resin) are responsible for making „Lignum Vitae" in particular to a special material for producing bears/bushs (axles) of screw propellers etc.
Inspection on request
Vistors welcome. Please visit our yard and warehouse in Hamburg-Harburg (South of Hamburg). There, you can inspect the offered quality personally as long as you like. The obligatory coffee or tea is included for free. Normally the Lignum vitae are stuffed on pallets. For better inspection, we will spread out the pallets for inspection. Therefore, please tell us your time of arrival in advance.

Prices on request
We are offering fair prices calculated on basis quality, yield, quantity and term of delivery. All offers subject prior sale.

Endangered species

Botanical Names:
Guaiacum coulteri
                      Guaiacum sanctum

Is an endangered specy listed in Annex II of the convention.
Special export and import restrictions must be clarified before shipment !


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                    Cropp Guaiacum Lignum Vitae Flyer

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For machinery bearings/bushes & other engineering and mechanical applications
                 We have a lot of material in stock !



Lignum Vitae Octagonals (Logs)
First Quality, without bark, small sap permitted, Paraffine coated
    90 - 130 cm (3‘ - about 4‘)
20 - about 40 cm (8" - about 16")




Lignum Vitae Logs
Nicaragua and Mexico, oval shape, with sap and partly with bark
Length:    90 - 130 cm (3‘ - about 4‘)
Diameter: about 15" cm (about 6")

Guaiacum Sanctum Round Logs from Mexico.

Guaiacum Sanctum Log from Mexico.


Lignum Vitae Lumber
First Quality, parallel edged, Paraffine coated

A) 100 % free of heart
B) with sound heart

about 450 mm and up
                     (about 18" and up)

Among others available in following sizes:
Inch                         mm

3 x 5"                     75/80 x 127/130 mm
3 x 6"                     75/80 x 150 mm
3 x 7"                     75/80 x 175 mm
3 x 8" and up         75/80 x 200 mm and up
3.1/2 x 5"               90 x 127/130 mm
3.1/2 x 7"               90 x 175 mm
4 x 5"                     100 x 127/130 mm
4.1/2 x 6"              110/115 x 150 mm
4.1/2 x 7"              110/115 x 175 mm
4.1/2 x 8" and up  110/115 x 200 mm and up

Lignum Vitae sawn lumber:

Blocks sawn out of Guaiacum sanctum logs.

Lignum Vitae Scantlings
First Quality, parallel edged,
Paraffine coated

& Special Cut Sizes on request !


• self-lubricating
• noiseless
• decreased power consumption
• acid resistant
• antifriction
• chemical resistant
• non-contaminating (to food)

       Send us your drawings !


Price, trade term etc.


  • Prices on request.
  • Private EU-buyers must pay the 19 % German VAT.
  • EU-companies must state the VAT-Number before order (for Intrastat).
  • We deliver FCA Hamburg-Harburg, Germany (Free carrier D-21079 Hamburg-Harburg).
  • Expenses/charges for shipment, packing, special certificates, customs clearance etc. to be paid by consignee.
  • Price increase or reduction in price are possible at any time.
  • Subject prior sale.
  • Subject offer to confirmation.
  • Errors excepted.


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