From all over the world
                                    domestic and exotic timbers ex warehouse or from abroad 

To come to know

You will need a lot of time to learn more about our warehouse inventory of numerous timber species and all our services, we can offer our customers. We are able to supply a fantastic and multi-range of standard  and highly exclusive hardwood lumbers including burly, stripy, pommelé, fiddleback and other figured woods.
Special offers and delivery program
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Aufzählung Sawn Lumbers Depot Hamburg
lumber bundles, single sawn logs,
eventually single boules and planks
Aufzählung Single Blocks Depot Hamburg
High grade boules, super cabinetmaker quality
Aufzählung Lumber Loads
Full truck and partial loads
Aufzählung Table Tops / Slabs
Crosswise sawn slabs
Aufzählung Lignum Vitae Guaiacum Gaiac
for bushs/bears and other purposes.

Generally we supply all standard dimensions, which can be sawn out of available round logs. Special dimensions on request.



The warehouse in Hamburg

In several storage houses you can find a wide range of lumbers from all over the world

Discover the possibilities. Visitors are highly welcome. The warehouses, sawmill and kiln dry facilities are in the south of Hamburg. 40 minutes away from Hamburg airport. 15 minutes from central station.

Retail- & Wholesale and Export
International shipments are possible. We can arrange full or mixed container shipments, combined transports  and airfreight through well known forwarders. We have the timber experts, the right experience in packing, stuffing, shipping, paperwork and a local and worldwide network of suppliers.

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