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Oliv Burls
Oliv burls are very decorative and dense, what makes them ideal for carving and turning.

Available are burl slabs, turning blanks etc.


Buckeye Burls

From California we have some Buckeye burls with excellent figure for slabs or other decorative purposes.


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  Burl Inventory Timber Warehouse Hamburg
Burls, Veneer-, Semiveneer- and Saw Grade, personally inspected worldwide,
subject prior sales ex Hamburg warehouse, for example:
  Picture Description  
    Ash Burl Log  - sawn already
Botanical name: Fraxinus excelsior.
Arrival March 2014 and sawn in April 2014:


Oak Burl Log - sold already
Botanical name: Quercus.
Fresh supplies for wood lovers... Arrival May 2012

Sawn in September 2012:



Amboina Burls - some pieces are still available
Botanical name: Pterocarpus indicus.
stock levels were very low early September 2011. As a new shipment arrived.
Soon we will
be able to offer all cuts including slabs, turning, knife and pen blanks.




  Thuya Burls - sold already
A few burls are available. Soon we will cut slabs, dimensions, turning blanks, knife and pen blanks of it.





Decorativ Olive Roots - sold already
For design purposes. Ideal as Eyecatcher outdoor or indoor




  Laurel Burls - already sawn into slabs and other products
Out of this burls, we have produced various items: slabs, cut-sizes, scantlings etc.

click on here and follow the link to the Laurel sawing special

    Buckeye Burls - sold already
From California we have some Buckeye burls with excellent figure for slabs or other decorative purposes. A handful burls are still available. In short, we will saw them also.

  The Black Walnut Superburl - sold already
About 20 years ago, we sold this giant man high burl imported from US.
Today, cut-sizes for turning purposes are available in Claro Walnut Burl.

  left picture - today's normal standard size
                            ... right picture a bigger burl 
    To maximize the yield, a lot work must be done before band sawing:


  Caucasian Walnut Burls
Several truckloads bought years ago. Today, we have various sawn material in stock, i.e. slabs, gun-stocks, cut-sizes, table-tops, scantlings, knife-handles etc.


Price, trade term etc.


  • Prices on request.
  • EU-companies must state the VAT-Number before order (for Intrastat).
  • We deliver FCA Hamburg-Harburg, Germany (Free carrier D-21079 Hamburg-Harburg).
  • Expenses/charges for shipment, packing, special certificates, customs clearance etc. to be paid by consignee.
  • All offers are subject to change without notice.
  • Errors excepted.


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